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Hi, I am Szilvia

I am happy to meet you

Thank you for taking your time to find out a little bit more about how I arrived at our meeting.


My passage towards intuitive healing practices and creativity has been winding through studies in dance and movement therapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), a degree in People Management, and a successful and rewarding corporate career in the land of human resources, training and coaching. Thanks to my profession I had the privilege to live and work in places that are rich in culture and tradition such as

Budapest (my home town), Tibilisi, London, Bali, Bhutan and Bangkok.

I was inspired by the diversity of the people I met and devoted more and more time to embrace my passion: my deep connection to the Universe that I realized at an early age, when I was eleven.

Reading my friends’ and colleagues’ tarot cards and offering them consultations while sharing the warmth of a soothing cup of tea after a long day at work was always a tonic for our souls which brought me some simple yet powerful realizations. Despite our diversity, we were all on our own quests to create a life that was worth living, our best lives.

As I was tuning into their  unique spreads for my surprise the same message came through over and over again:

“Just take one inspired step at a time, a step that feels natural, the next one will unfold and then the next one and the next one…Until one day you get where you always desired to be with fun, ease and joy.”

I received this message so many times for different people at different places that one day I followed it through; handed in my resignation letter, let my well-paying secure corporate job go, and on the exact same day, as I was deliriously driving to my darling friend’s house to celebrate my courage, out of the blue- many of us would say that by perfectly orchestrated divine timing- I met my Significant Other.

As our relationship evolved and I became more of Me, my long term passion has transformed into an organically growing, professional intuitive tarot card reading and theta healing practice.

This has been a truly expansive journey that made me a better person, has taught me about the Natural Laws of our Universe and how we co-create our reality with it. l do cherish  it, this is my way of Life....LaVida.

I believe in the NLP presupposition that says:

“People have all the resources they need to succeed”-

We just need to recognize them by unlocking our potentials and I am passionate in assisting others finding the key.

I have been living in Bali, Indonesia and am in the process of expanding the "playground of  my Life" in Europe and Australia.

In case you are based elsewhere, we can meet via the internet.

I also love  collaborating with like-minded professionals and contribute to retreats, workshops, events, festivals, private gatherings that are devoted to embrace conscious living, self-empowerment and well-being.


And how about you, what brought you to our meeting?


I look forward to hearing from you.



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