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Intuitive Tarot Card Consultations

How it all started for me? -you may wonder...

It is a long and beautiful story for me that started  when I was twenty-two. 

I had a burning question and it was crystal clear that the answer existed somewhere beyond me.

The Universe heard my thoughts and delivered a dear childhood friend, who rang me up with euphoric enthusiasm and insisted on showing me her newly bought Tarot Card Deck as she was certain that it was a must for me to see. I had no idea what she was talking about but  her enthusiasm was magnetic.

So I did go to see her, and when I connected with the cards not only did I receive an answer to my question, but a whole new world opened up for me, and my new story began…


My consultations are often commented as uplifting, accurate and clear.

We enter into a high vibrational field where we are in alignment with the Universe and our Higher Selves who are unconditionally loving, and infinitely intelligent.

Anchoring this experience can assist us to become the source in our own lives for everything we desire.

This is a highly potent state of mind, which is why the consultations can activate physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance, create clarity and raise consciousness.

They often make us feel all fired-up, more resourceful and excited about our lives.

Intuitive Tarot Card Consultation can be directed to your current life situation, challenges, bold aspirations, goals, which may involve home, family, love, relationships, health and life path, and can be offered for individuals, couples and groups.



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