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Toning -Spontaneous Vocalizing

Singing has been another lifelong passion of mine… A natural ingredient and elixir in my life.   

My life partner Jaiv, is a diverse accomplished musician, a visionary, a courageous genuine soul who has brought even

more music and songs into my life than I could dream of.   

He has been inviting me to add flavor to his compositions with my voice and to co-create an audio visual journey

that can reach those souls that are ready for activation, inspiration, expansion with conscious awareness. 

You can find out more about our music and associated projects on our website


During this co-creative process I noticed that whenever I could just let sounds flowing through me from the core of my being as a spontaneous response to Jaiv's piano playing something magical happened that connected and elevated both of us.

It was like a wonderful (sound) shower...and opened us another doorway into the magical world of Sound.

I am excited to share this unique experience with you and invite you for exploring the vibrational shift that toning can create within you by naturally harmonizing and balancing  your cells and energetic pathways with gentleness. 


My Intuitive Tarot Card Consultations and ThetaHealing sessions are often commented as uplifting and cleansing.

I do believe we co-create a direct path to "All That Is" and to our Higher Selves that is pure, wise and infinite.

From that elevated state of consciousness we can activate physical, mental, emotional and spiritual harmony.

. . . and it is my utmost desire to translate this experience to the Language of Sound and Resonance through my voice.

I am delighted to offer you a short toning to support the integration of your session, embrace and activate the transformation that was foreseen in your cards or was co-created and witnessed during your ThetaHealing  journey.

Please,  feel free to ask for  it.

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