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Is it time to create more in your life?

Let's connect and have some tea together...

It´s LaVida...


Thank you for visiting.

Creating this Tea House was inspired by many soulful meetings with friends and clients over warm soothing cups of tea. I´m happy to invite you to this cozy meeting place to connect…

It will be a pleasure to hear about your desires, and I´ll be delighted to share how I can add value to your journey through clarity, balance, inner peace and well-being.


Szilvia is beautiful inside and out, her gentle and intuitive approach to Tarot, Thetahealing and Reiki offers clients a safe, non-judgmental space to share and heal. I have been working with Szilvia in the past four years, having sessions and healing from her personally and recommended her services to my retreat guests, and quite frankly anyone who will listen to me raving about her. Her readings are nothing short of life changing, and although it is labeled as ´´tarot´´ it is so much more. Szilvia truly has a gift´´ 

Rachel  Fearnley 

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